Website Outsourcing

Developing & running a website for a small business can be a frustrating and time consuming chore, not to mention expensive. We want to run your website for you, for a small setup fee and a monthly service fee we can do it all for you.

First of all we will design your web pages (or for a slight additional fee one of the many thousands of templates available for purchase on the web), and text and images supplied by you. The basic package consists of four pages being: Home, About/Contact Us, Links and one other with whatever subject you require.

Once we have the web pages prepared we will purchase (if required), on your behalf, your chosen domain name and arrange to have your site hosted with a reputable web host. Our host of choice is currently hosting over 10,000 sites using dedicated datacentres with all the trimmings.

We will look after all your email requirements as well, you simply tell us the name you want and the required password and we will set it up for you, during the course of your contract we can also organize email redirections or autoreplies from the mail server so if you need to go away you can leave your computer off.

During the course of your contract you should make changes to the text or images on your site, simply send us the details and we will make the changes for you, our web designers will spend up to 1 hour a month making changes to your site without charge, this may not sound like much but once a page is up changes to text and images are very quick if you have the right tools and we do, any additional time required will be charged at a reduced rate.

Also during your contract we will do all we can to make your site search engine friendly and thus visible to the millions of potential clients waiting to find you on the web, with your permission we will also link you to our other clients thus increasing your visibility. Every month we will supply you with statistics on how your site is performing so that you can see what works and what doesn't.

You must remember that we want your site to be successful and we will use every strategy that we can to lift your search engine ranking and visibility, the better you look, the better we look.

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